I’ve come to realize that I am a straight up “love enthusiast” and love everything about Weddings, especially ones in Maine.

I didn’t always know this about myself but with each wedding I Officiate, I fall more in love creating these beautifully personal ceremonies that shed light on and celebrate the unique love story of each ‘soon to be married couple’ that I have the pleasure of getting to know when they work with me to plan their wedding ceremony in Maine…

It wasn’t that long ago that my life looked much different than it does today. Through a “more traditional” office job, I had become a Notary Public, giving me the authority to perform marriage ceremonies in Maine. I never sought out to perform marriage ceremonies though. In fact, they sought me.

When a friend asked if I would Officiate their wedding ceremony, I nervously and excitedly, said “yes!” And it was there, in the parking lot at Point Sebago Resort  in Naples, Maine that I tearfully said to myself, “I think I am meant to do this.”

I had found that something I would quickly come to realize was something I was called to do. This my friends, is called heart-centered work. And I wanted more of it! To write beautiful words and help partners put a voice to their true feelings, learning and listening to their stories, standing with them and organically bringing everyone just a little closer together in the most important moments of their big day…

So that’s what I did. I started to tell people all about what I loved doing so much. And then someone told someone else and I got a couple referrals. As my passion evolved into a business, I then began investing in myself and my future couples by nurturing my education to become better and better at what I do. And now, during the most beautiful months of the year here in Maine, you can find me celebrating magical life moments and doing what I love. And throughout the year, learning, growing and connecting with other people that love weddings just as much as I do.

Pretty awesome stuff, if I do say so myself.

And it’s really only just the beginning.

Thanks for joining me on this ride, Vivianna


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Feature photo by: Brittney Fairfield Photography

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