When couples inquire about hiring me as their wedding Officiant, I take the time to meet with each of them so that we can learn a bit about each other, the couple can better understand what to expect in working with me and ultimately so, we can determine if we’re a good fit to work together…

During one of these meetings with one of my new couples recently (yes, we were both dying to work together!), I was reminded of how extra special a secret elopement can truly be. As the conversation continued, I got more and more jazzed up about the power and freedom held in their opportunity to celebrate their love in their own way, on their own terms.

While their reasons may be different than yours, I thought I’d give you a little reassurance that running off to have a secret elopement isn’t the old age idea it used to be – in fact, it’s a completely valid way to get married (and a ridiculously fun one at that!) And if you need just a little more encouragement to put your idea to action, here a few reasons to have an intimate and wildly magical, secret elopement to celebrate your love.

Why a Secret Elopement is an amazing way to get Married:

  1. It’s down right practical – If you’re working with a tight budget and your ceremony truly is the most important part of your wedding day, then foregoing the big party and it’s impending costs, allows you to prioritize where to spend your funds to make the most of your day. Instead, you can splurge  on that amazing film maker, the dreamy dress you’ve been eyeing for months, a wedding Officiant who can personalize your ceremony and more.

2. Duty Calls – Whether you or your partner are in the service or another life event impacts the timeline of legalizing your marriage, it’s perfectly okay (and quite common) to have a secret elopement that is just as meaningful as the big wedding you can have later on with the rest of your friends and family.

3. Sacred Beliefs – You may have been raised with a strong religious foundation and over the years have collected an array of philosophical values on your own. Together, those support the way you walk forward in life. Having a secret elopement with rituals and elements that are significant to you and your story, is such a meaningful way to begin your marriage. There’s also no rule book that says you can’t elope in addition to a religious or civil ceremony shared with friends and family. This allows you to tailor your vision for each wedding to what is most comfortable for you.

Why you should Elope | Gateway Celebrations, Maine Wedding Officiant

4. Intimacy Transcends – “It is a beautiful, emotional space in which two become one.” Being able to revel in the magic you hold between the two of you, free from the pressures of being surrounded by other people, will end in a day you’ll never forget down to the most important details; the way you looked at each other, the goosebumps rippling your skin, the words you exchanged in replace of gifts and so much more.

5. Don’t Tread on Me – Even those we love have the best intentions when they openly share their opinions on how you should commemorate this milestone in your lives. If you just don’t want to hear all about how you should “do it this way and that”, there’s zero shame in skipping town and the possible judgement, too.

6. You are my Great Adventure – Are you all about collecting memories over things? I love meeting rad couples who want their wedding ceremony to be just as much of a thrill as any other adventure. You can write this chapter of your story atop a mountain, along a rushing river, in the middle of a hidden forest somewhere or any other incredible location you can think of. Having a secret elopement gives you the freedom to go wherever you want!

7. Because you Can – Seriously, for whatever other reasons and then some, have a secret elopement just because you can. By keeping it a secret, you don’t risk your Aunt Sue trying to talk you out of it and you’ll be so excited to spill the news of your love-filled adventure (on your own terms).

Creative, out of the box and unique wedding ceremonies are equally (if not more) as legitimate as traditional ones. Nothing makes me happier as a wedding Officiant, than seeing couples take the time to invest in their relationship and pour their energy into planning a ceremony that reflects the best parts of who they are and how they got there. After all, no one knows your story better than you.

7 Incredible reasons to Elope | Gateway Celebrations, Maine Wedding Officiant

Why you should have a Secret Elopement | Gateway Celebrations, Maine Wedding Officiant

Run away and Elope | Gateway Celebrations, Maine Wedding Officiant

Elopement on a frozen Lake in New Hampshire | Gateway Celebrations, Wedding Officiant

The most magical elopement on Echo Lake | Gateway Celebrations, Wedding Officiant

7 reasons to have a secret elopement | Gateway Celebrations, Maine Wedding Officiant

Lets run away and elope!


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PS: Your secret is safe with me.


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