“I DO”, differently

Learn how to Write your own Vows

(that won’t make your guests yawn!)


An interactive virtual workshop for modern couples who want to write their own personal vows to each other and confidently “nail it” on their wedding day!


→   Ditch the dry, boring vows!   


Workshop Price – $75 per couple

When: Friday, March 22nd

6 P.M. EST (1 ½ hr)

Don’t wait – Space is limited!


Are you recently engaged? Have you and your partner tossed around the idea of writing your own vows but aren’t sure where to begin?

It can be so easy to get caught up in all of the little details that you forget what’s most important… You might be thinking about setting a date, selecting a venue and hiring the perfect photographer but… Have you thought about what the most important part of your wedding day means to you both? Your food should be delicious, your music should be fun and your guests should have a blast celebrating with you but what about your wedding ceremony? Let’s talk about your deep WHY. Why you’re doing this crazy thing called life, together and why your love is worth celebrating. You don’t get the opportunity to dig deep into our feelings every day so, taking the opportunity to put it all out there on your wedding day is the best gift you could give your partner! For those few moments, you get to focus all of your love and energy on your person and you forget about everyone else – it’s just the two of you and your WHY. That is MAGIC and you deserve to know what that feels like!


Writing your own personal vows + nail it on your big day!

You’ve found the love of your life and cannot wait to open your next chapter as a married couple…

You know that you want your wedding day to feel personal and meaningful to the two of you… Maybe you’ve tossed around the idea of writing your own personal vows but you might be wondering where to even begin, worried that you could embarrass yourself or how in the world you’ll actually pull this off… Join other modern-day couples who just like you, are taking a leap and putting a personal touch on their wedding ceremony by writing vows that are as authentic, quirky, fun and adventurous as their relationship is! With the right amount of planning, preparation and support, you get to deliver personal vows with confidence in your own unique way!

This March, I am hosting an interactive virtual workshop for you and your partner, to guide you in writing your own personal vows to each other. In a relaxed environment and from the comfort of your own home, this off-beat date night is a perfect opportunity to step away from the wedding planning madness and connect with each other, without taking yourselves too seriously. And, brownie points to you both for investing in your relationship by taking the first step in creating the best gift you could give to each other on your wedding day!


Sam and Joe said,

She really challenged us with questions that made us really think about what was important to us for the ceremony and what made us “us”. Everything about it was perfect and we couldn’t be happier with Vivianna’s work!

This workshop is perfect for you if :

→ The traditional “I do’s” don’t exactly suit you

→ You want your wedding ceremony to feel more personal and meaningful

→ You want guidance & structure for your vows that feel authentic and real

→ You struggle to put your feelings into words that truly capture the love you share

→ You know one or both of you are likely to procrastinate until the last minute

→ You’re on the fence but know that your relationship doesn’t fit inside a square box


Sign us up! 



Hear what one of my past clients had to say,

Vivianna wrote the most amazing vows for Patrick and I. She has the kindest heart and the most beautiful soul. Our day was perfect because of her!


Here’s what we’re going to cover together :

In just 1 ½ hours together, you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to write your own vows so, that you can confidently NAIL IT on your big day when it comes time to say, “I do”, a bit differently!

→ Various formats to exchange your vows and how to decide which one is the best fit for both of you

→ How to get started and step by step guidance in writing your vows

→ Support and expertise in delivering your vows with confidence

→ An opportunity to get your questions answered by a professional and get inspired

→ BONUS: Free printable with Vow Writing Prompts


And here’s how it works :

  1. Click below to register
  2. Submit your payment to secure your spot, then you must click return to merchant to complete your registration and you’ll receive a confirmation email reminding you to put the date in your calendar along with the link!
  3. Join us on March 22nd, with your partner from a comfy spot in your home and let’s nail your wedding vows together!

We want in! 



Meet your host and professional Wedding Officiant, Vivianna:

Learn how to write your own Vows & "Nail it!" on your Wedding day with this workshop

I’m a self-proclaimed love story enthusiast, that is lucky enough to know what it feels like to have found a calling in heart-centered work. Serving as a wedding Officiant makes me one of the happiest people alive and I’m so excited to be able to expand my work to help even more couples! I’m incredibly passionate about helping you create a wedding ceremony experience that is personal and meaningful to your own unique story. I’ve planted roots in Maine, where I’m happily raising a family doing this crazy thing called, life alongside my best friend. Depending on the season, you can find me on top of a mountain, deep in some snow, wandering a field picking wildflowers or building sand castles by the lake.

About :


Workshop Price – $75 per couple

(super low intro deal!)

When: Friday, March 22nd

6 P.M. EST (1 ½ hr)

Don’t wait – Space is limited!

→ You’ll receive access via a private group link

→ Guidance from a Professional Wedding Officiant

→ Exclusive workshop content and resource materials

→ Learn how to get even more support

→ Access to this valuable workshop at an introductory price


We don’t want to miss this! 


You’ll leave this workshop feeling so ready and excited to write your own vows.

I love seeing how special it is for couples to give and receive this gift with each other. This is truly one moment where you can guarantee that you’ll forget about everyone else and focus all of your attention on each other. A moment frozen in time, where you capture the best parts of your love and what it means to you… I am so excited to help bring this to life for you!

Planning ahead and getting support now, ensures that you’ll feel prepared and confident to deliver personal vows when the big day comes. By investing in your wedding ceremony experience, you are investing in your relationship and showing the importance of what this means to you. When you look back on this day, you’ll not only remember the event itself but how the little moments felt because you created space to connect with each other in a more meaningful way.

Count us in! 


One of my Elopement clients said,

We were just going to get married and that is all we planned. However, Vivianna had other ideas for us to create a ceremony that would reflect our family. With her guidance and prompts she provided to us, we were both able to create meaningful wedding vows…  It was beyond anything we could have imagined for ourselves and we’re so grateful she came into our lives.



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