“I had the honor of having Vivianna be mine and my husband’s officiant. Vivianna was/is absolutely amazing, I cannot rave enough about her. She helped me with every aspect of wedding planning from making the itinerary for the big day, to reminding me of the little details I almost forgot, to passing my ring bearer and two flower girls lollipops (for when they reached the end of the aisle) to help them stay standing still at the gazebo. Not only did she write our beautiful and funny ceremony, but we requested that it be infused with specific Disney quotes that had a lot of meaning to my husband and I. She nailed it!!! All of our guests mentioned to us throughout the night how she described our relationship through Disney perfectly!!! To this day, I sometimes read our ceremony/vows and will still tear up because of how beautifully those words were written. I cannot thank you enough Vivianna!” – Jesse & Brittany Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds – Hiram, ME Oct 2017. Photo by: Kristy Brown.