As a Professional Wedding Officiant, most of my clients have never been married before. It’s normal that at times, they feel nervous, anxious and unsure of what to expect as they are walking a path that is entirely new to them. Thankfully, they have my expertise and support though, I know that unfortunately this may not have been the case for you when you got married…

You deserve the option of taking a modern approach to creating a wedding or vow renewal ceremony that is personal, heartfelt and fun, while fully equipping you to live out this experience in a way that celebrates the best parts of who you are and how you got here. I love every part of guiding you easily through this process and supporting you in your journey towards a lifetime commitment. However, most couples don’t even know this option exists and that they can hire a professional Officiant that throws caution to the wind and opens up a whole new world of ideas and endless possibilities for the flow of their ceremony, unique elements they can include, collaboration in writing personal vows and expertise in the legalities of it all.

I work actively through my blog, social media and a network of other wedding pros to educate engaged or maybe even married couples, like you that you have the power to have your wedding, your way (especially the most important part of your day – the ceremony!) So while my services are becoming wildly popular for couples that want a ceremony that is unlike everyone else’s, it’s certainly not something that was being done very often twenty five, ten or even five years ago, when I got started in the wedding industry. So, for those of you who are already happily married, I invite you to entertain the idea of re-committing your love with a vow renewal ceremony.

Vow Renewal Ceremony in Maine

Reasons to have a meaningful Vow renewal Ceremony


  1. Celebrate an Anniversary – Whether it’s your 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th year anniversary, they’re all worth celebrating and renewing your original vows or switching it up a bit is a really special way to do just that.
  2. A growing Family – Have you had children since getting married? Renewing your vows in front of your children and even making new commitments to your future together as a family, is a great way to model your relationship values in front of your children.
  3. Get Married again – Due to circumstances or budget, some couples must forego their ideal wedding day vision for something a little more simple and laid-back. Even if you don’t regret your first wedding, you deserve the wedding you’ve always dreamed of and there’s no rule that says you can’t still make it happen!
  4. Relationship Resiliency – Let’s be honest, real life isn’t always sunshine and roses. This path you’re walking together was likely paved with good intentions but there’s bound to be some bumps and detours along the way. If you’ve survived some tough stuff, pausing to remember why you chose to do this crazy thing called ‘life’ together in the first place can be incredibly encouraging.
  5. Seasons of Change – This is inevitable. You’re not the same people you were when you got married and you won’t be the same people you are today even a few years from now. If you’re feeling called to vow to do things differently or make new commitments that are more aligned with your current lifestyle, this will only strengthen your marriage.
  6. Just Because – We all like getting surprises for no reason other than that someone we love is thinking of us. Surprising your spouse or even your parents with a vow renewal ceremony is a great way love them extra big!
  7. Life of “yes!” – Do you and your partner have a bucket list of ideas that you’d jump to say, “yes!” at the opportunity to? Just like eloping can be exciting and adventurous, renewing your vows somewhere along the Isle of Sky or right before you skydive out of an airplane can be an amazing part of your adventure, too!


If you’re thinking about renewing your vows, I’ll tell you the same thing I would tell any couple the first time around – do what’s best for the two of YOU and no one else. Don’t let what others think or expect of you hinder your wishes. This is an experience that should be meaningful, fun and shared in a way that celebrates your own unique story, whatever that looks like for you.


We want to renew our Vows!


Feature Photo by: Kyle Cottrell

Let love Grow by: Imagerai

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