I’ll never grow tired of love stories or the views they take me to… As a professional wedding Officiant, my client’s bring me to some of the most beautiful places in New England to Officiate their wedding with none other than, nature’s backdrop. Brynn & Logan’s Sullivan Harbor, Maine wedding took place at a quaint Downeast estate that felt like their childhood family home, with the most picturesque view of Cadillac mountain in the distance as they exchanged their vows and it could not have been more perfect in every way. 

Making wedding magic happen in Acadia Maine

Logan had taken Brynn back home to Maine to propose so, I thought it was so special that they embark on the next chapter of their story here as well… As the rehearsal approached, the excitement of the following day was beginning to set in. I could sense a bit of anxiousness from the group but watched it slowly melt away as we walked through the plans we had so carefully prepared in the months before. The bride and groom’s wedding party was a fun, supportive bunch and I love that Logan’s dear friend was able to join his side as an official grooms-woman (spoiler alert: there’s no rule about having only same gender attendants!)

One of my favorite parts about their wedding was how hands-on they were in the entire process. Rather than handing over control to a full service planner or coordinator, they did a ton of DIY décor, sought out specific vendors to fulfill their visions, invested time and energy into the entire experience to truly make it their own and Logan even pieced together his own suit to ensure he felt like it fit his style…. It was all so personal and knowing how much work it takes to pull together a wedding of this caliber, I am amazed at how calm and collected they remained in the days leading up to it.


A late Summer Wedding

Finally, it was the day they’d all been waiting for! A perfectly cool late summer day for a picturesque Downeast Maine Wedding. When I arrived on site, vendors were busy at work under the tented reception, preparing cocktails and putting the finishing touches on every last detail as the bride and groom prepared for the biggest moment of their lives. I love when couples invite me to greet them in their getting ready room because there’s a special energy about those moments… and did I mention how amazing they looked? These two are serious show-stoppers! It was such a lovely idea to rent the home for the weekend because it provided a comfort you might not have at another venue – Papa sitting in the porch’s afternoon sun, the bride and her girls giggling as they got ready upstairs and the quiet moments in the den with the groom as guests arrived. It felt like home.

Getting to know Logan and Brynn was such a blast as I was able to learn of the deep history that lead them to where they are today as well as see the way Brynn’s face lit up when Logan told us that he looked forward to growing old with her… More importantly, standing before their friends and family to share many of the little and big moments within their story, was a true honor. From how their relationship had been carefully cultivated over time through a friendship that blossomed into so much more after meeting at the happiest place on earth to seeing the world through each other’s eyes… They both worked with me to choose their words with intention as they prepared to make promises that they would spend the rest of their days aiming to fulfill. Following their declaration, guests were warmed by the gift of song, “Make you feel my love”, played by Brynn’s uncle. Emotions arose as the couple exchanged their vows – Brynn spoke of what her Nanny Jane would say if she were here to witness this moment in their lives and Logan spoke of how their differences make them stronger. They were honestly some of the most emotional vows I’d ever sealed in my book.


An Acadia Sunset on your Wedding Night

In closing, I asked guests to welcome the joy of this moment into their hearts for many days hereafter and to let the ocean breeze carry them freely through the night… The space filled with overwhelming joy as I announced the couple as husband and wife for the very first time and everyone cheered as Brynn, Logan and their pup made their way back down the aisle, hand in hand. After signing their marriage license and making it official, the couple immediately welcomed a receiving line of their loved ones. This gave me a perfect opportunity to mingle and I was met by some of the most wonderful guests who spoke of the amazing people Brynn and Logan are. In turn, it was incredible to hear them say, that I must be an old friend because of how well I spoke of the couple, which is a feeling I always hope to achieve.

As prepared to take off, I took one last look at the ocean behind me as the sun began it’s decent and I could just picture my couple and their loved ones dancing the night away under the tent… It was a bit of magic if you ask me and Maine has a special way of bringing that out in all the best weddings here.

Downeast Maine Wedding



















Picturesque Downeast Maine Wedding under the stars


Lets make magic at your own Wedding!


Contributing Vendors:

  • Officiant – Vivianna Adams, Gateway Celebrations
  • Photography – Siousca Photography
  • Venue – Sealight by Downeast R&R
  • Florals – The Bud Connection
  • Catering – Bar Harbor Catering Co.
  • Décor – Bride and Family
  • Rentals – Wallace Events
  • DJ – High Tech Maine
  • Cake – Groom’s Grandmother
  • Hair & Makeup – Unknown
  • Planner – N/A
  • Bride’s Dress – Brides by Young Schaumburg, IL
  • Tuxes – The Black Tux
  • Videographer – N/A

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    • That it was, Dave. Your photos are incredible and paint such a beautiful picture of their day. It was a pleasure to work with you!


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