A wedding ceremony that celebrates your own unique love story & guidance every step of the way.

Imagine your wedding ceremony unlike any you’ve attended or seen before. Leading up to this day, you have an eager participant in your corner; guiding you, supporting you, carefully cultivating your expressions about your relationship into words that feel natural and speak to who the two of you are as individuals and as a couple – Your officiant doesn’t simply read a cookie-cutter script – She takes the time to get to know you, she makes you feel comfortable and is committed to making every guest in attendance, feel connected to the most important part of your day.

As a professional wedding officiant, helping couples get really clear on their vision for the most important part of their wedding day and guiding them through the entire process to create a wedding ceremony that brings their own story to life is what I like to call, “heart-centered work.” {how I got here}

The couples that I work with know they want a meaningful wedding ceremony. They know that having someone to inspire, support and guide them through the entire process is invaluable. They appreciate working with an Officiant who makes them feel relaxed, comfortable and able to help them express how they feel, even if they don’t know what that will look or sound like yet. Most importantly, they are grateful for my open minded approach to planning and writing a wedding ceremony that celebrates their own lifestyle, beliefs and family dynamic without judgement or limitations.

After a few years of Officiating weddings, I learned that so many couples were unaware that they could personalize the wording, structure and vows within their wedding ceremony making it unlike and unlike everyone else’s – they are thrilled to find out that they can make that happen and that they don’t have to navigate this journey on their own!

•  I will be here to guide you through the process of getting married and support you every step of the way from where to begin to bringing your vision to life.

•  I will collaborate with you to write, plan and create your entire wedding ceremony; including your vows, additional inclusions and the overall structure of how this will all look, sound and feel on your wedding day.

•  I will curate an experience that captivates your guests, making everyone feel connected to and part of something bigger than themselves, leaving a lasting legacy in your name.

•  I will coordinate your wedding rehearsal for your personalized wedding ceremony with fine detail, providing you and your wedding party with the peace of mind that allows you to truly immerse yourselves in this occasion.

• As your professional Wedding Officiant, I will help to make sure the elements of your ceremony run smoothly (while still being lighthearted and fun) and ensure your marriage is formalized properly.

•  I will be a bright, yet calm and welcoming smile greeting you on on your emotion-filled day.


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“Vivianna was Wedding, Wedding Officiant, Maine Weddingan absolute joy to work with, and we were SO happy to have her as our wedding officiant! She worked with us to create a ceremony that was personal and meaningful to us as a couple, and we were so very pleased with how it turned out! Vivianna was very responsive as we communicated with her to put together the type of ceremony we were looking for, and she really showed that she cared about us as individuals throughout the whole process. Most importantly, Vivianna was just such a sweet, genuine, positive person to have around on what sometimes be a bit of a hectic day at times – I can’t stress the importance of this enough! We felt very comfortable around her – which helped to make the whole ceremony an amazing experience for us – one which we will cherish forever. Thank you, Vivianna!!” – Adam & Jamie Vachon, The Harraseeket Inn – Freeport, ME Aug 2016. Photo by: Amanda Berube Photography.


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How does someone who used to work a traditional office job become a professional Wedding Officiant? Well, my story is quite serendipitous. In fact, I was asked by a friend to Officiant their wedding with just a few short months notice (you can read more on that story here) and knowing I had never done this before… My friends and I were all incredibly pleased with how natural the entire ceremony experience felt (you can read their testimonial here). It’s safe to say that after that day, I was hooked and there is no doubt that I am called to do this work!

Since that day, I’ve been able to support an array of diverse couples through the process of getting married and help them celebrate their union in their own unique ways. Clients are often so surprised by how much energy and time I put into creating their wedding ceremony and I feel so thankful to have the honor of providing them and their guests with an experience that is one-of-a-kind. I invest in myself and my couples by continuing my education, connecting with other industry professionals, delivering you valuable resources and allowing my passion to always remain at the root of why I do what I do.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

My Mission

I believe that everyone deserves to be asked, “what does YOUR wedding ceremony mean to YOU.” Most couples pause in this moment because they are caught up in getting all the logistical details ironed out (which is totally understandable) that they haven’t had a chance to stop and think about this part of their day. During our time working together, we will uncover YOUR own personal answer to this question and create a heartfelt ceremony that reflects YOUR story and beliefs of marriage.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality and am proud to offer my services to same-sex couples because everyone deserves to have an Officiant who doesn’t just respect your love but celebrates all that your love is, right along with you. I also offer my experience and insight to blended families, non-denominational or spiritual but non-religious individuals and couples that may feel like their lifestyle doesn’t “fit inside a box.” You can learn more about what my custom-tailored services entail here.


We want you to marry us!



Header Photo Credit: Amanda Berube Photography

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